Meet the St. Margaret's Team

St. Margaret's cabinet members serve as the administrative team and liaisons to our governing boards. They are passionate about our community and wear many different hats.

Cathy Sgroi
Head of School, Cathy Sgroi P'00
(804) 443-3357, x3009

Director of Communication and Marketing, Patricia Brincefield '71
(804) 443-3357, x3018

Nancy Smith
Chief Financial Officer, Nancy Smith P'04
(804) 443-3357, x3013

Cameron Sgroi
Director of Enrollment Management, Cameron Sgroi Tuebner '00
(804) 443-3357, x3019

Rev. Anita Braden
Chaplain, The Rev. (Mother) Anita Braden
(804) 443-3357, x3047

Cynthia Walker
Director of Athletics, Cynthia Walker '99
(804) 443-3357, x3034

Stephen Davenport
Director of Development, Stephen Davenport
(804) 443-3357, x3010

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