Co-Curriculum & Residential Life

Living in a boarding school community provides a very unique opportunity for our students, and we understands that a great deal of learning happens outside the classroom. With this in mind, we have crafted a Co-Curriculum Program that challenges our students to become confident, responsible, and self-aware individuals. By meeting students where they are socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually, the components of the program work collectively to establish connections between individuals and promote a sense of community.

Co-Curriculum Meetings

Co-curriculum meetings are grade-based and occur weekly, allowing grades to bond through event planning and other activities. Meetings are devoted either to class business or to a developmentally appropriate topic area. Class sponsors organize and direct class events, while other meetings emphasize personal growth and development, safety, and health-consciousness.

Residential Life Meetings & Activities

Residential Life is specifically geared toward our boarding students, offering a structured and nurturing environment for students to grow. Boarding students live in three residence halls and each residence hall mirrors the greater school population by mandating a mix of both domestic and international students, new and returning students, and students of different grade levels. The boarding community gathers every Monday night to inform, promote awareness, and create community within the boarding population. During this time, students participate in community forums, presentations, games, and activities.

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