Our Head of School

Colley W. Bell III joined St. Margaret's School as its 13th Head of School in 2021, bringing over thirty years of independent school experience to the banks of the Rappahannock. Mr. Bell considers himself, first and foremost, a learner and teacher. At St. Margaret's, he teaches 8th-grade history and Religion classes. 
It began while growing up in a girl's Episcopal boarding school where his father was the headmaster and religion teacher. His mother served as the provost, dean of students, and history teacher. As a graduate of an Episcopal boarding school, he points to the spiritual interconnectedness in the Episcopal tradition that brings form and function to the lives of all. Mr. Bell's familiarity with St. Margaret's stretches back decades, and his parents often talked fondly of the "grand girl's school on the river."
He holds a master's degree from Columbia University and is passionate about the American Civil War, and Russian and English history. He studied the history of the Anglican Church at Keble College at Oxford. Conversations with Mr. Bell often lead to historical topics, whether curiosity about his home in the McCall-Brockenborough House – or his own family's fascinating past.
Colley and his wife Edwina, Director of Development and Alumnae Affairs, are often found on campus, tending to projects in much the same manner as were his parents. He has populated the riverfront with motorboats, sailboats, and crew shells. A new River Program envelops a STREAM-based curriculum that melds science, technology, the River, engineering, art, and math. 
As Mr. Bell shared, "I want for the daughters of St. Margaret's an experience of a century. The school's heritage informs us of an ambitious education within a tight-knit community where grace and humility are cherished. In short, we abide by our motto, as we grow in age, may we grow in grace."
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Episcopal girls' school for boarding and day, grades 8-PG, on the banks of the Rappahannock River in Virginia.