Patrick McCuan Tribute

William Patrick McCuan P’04
October 28, 1941 - August 20, 2017William Patrick McCuan

Father of Megan McCuan Hanna ’04, Board of Governors member, Parent Council Chair, real estate executive, and one of the nation’s top philanthropists.

When we invited Patrick McCuan to join the Board of Governors and become Parent Council Chair for St. Margaret’s School, his response revealed all we would later come to know about him, “That sounds interesting, but I’ll need to ask Jill. We’re partners in what we do, and you’ll get the best of us if we work together.” How right he was! And that was the beginning of our partnership, as well as a friendship for our families.

Megan, Jill and Patrick’s younger daughter, was about to begin her senior year. She knew the school from the inside, and, as we would soon learn, her parents had visionary insights about schools and their development.

Patrick had a gift for asking the right questions. In the spring of 2003, he wondered, “What do you see as the school’s greatest need?” As I talked about our crowded dorms and the need for improvements in faculty housing, he surprised me with his reply. “Let’s see what we can do about this!”

Jill, Patrick and Megan at the opening of McCuan HouseThus began an exhilarating, collaborative 18 months of planning, design, fundraising, and construction that culminated in the dedication of McCuan House at the opening of school 2005 and the completion of renovations to the Pettigrew Hall apartments. We had been issued and met the largest challenge gift in the school’s history and changed how girls and teachers lived on our campus.

Patrick served three years on our board, with Jill staying on for an additional four. In the final two, she served as Chair. He brought his educational background in psychology and education, his professional skills in commercial and real estate development and organizational management, and his personal commitment to philanthropy to this role. I am so grateful for his wise counsel and life experience. We will miss Patrick’s zest for life and his probing questions that always made you think a little harder.

With fond memories,

Margaret R. Broad
Head of School Emerita