Belong. Believe. Become.

St. Margaret's mission is expressed through a simple, three-word phrase: Belong. Believe. Become. At SMS, every girl will undertake this journey in one form or another.


We use the word belong because St. Margaret's students are an unusually close, inclusive group. The supportive, non-judgmental community gives students the confidence to try new things and discover new talents.


We use the word believe to reference the power St. Margaret's students harness once they learn to believe in themselves. Our tradition as an Episcopal school also teaches girls to believe in something greater than themselves. Under St. Margaret's Honor Code, students learn that they can believe in each other.


We use the word become to complete the sequence of growth an SMS student experiences during her time here. Students graduate prepared to realize their full potential and success in a challenging world while knowing they will always have a place within the SMS community.