Belong. Believe. Become.

We express our mission and vision in three powerful words that describe the experience we promote for each student and our community:


St. Margaret's is a diverse, inclusive community that respects the uniqueness of each individual. We are welcoming, supportive, and non-judgemental, and encourage girls to be themselves.


We believe in in the power of all girls. We support and challenge them to believe in their potential and help them develop self-confidence. Our tradition as an Episcopal school also teaches girls to believe in something greater than themselves. St. Margaret's Honor Code also teaches girls to conduct themselves with integrity, build trust, and believe in one another.


Exploring what a girl becomes is the essence of the St. Margaret's experience. Girls stretch, learn, and grow here in all areas of their lives. They take safe risks, push themselves, build their skills, and graduate prepared to succeed in college and life. Once they leave campus, they become part of a powerful sisterhood of alumnae who stay connected and support one another.

And, our Scotties are always welcome back.

To Be Statements

Our goal is for each member of our community to be:

  • Intellectually Honest: making reasoned judgments and accepting constructive advice and consequences
  • Respectful: taking responsibility for their own actions and showing sensitivity and generosity to others, expressing appreciation for the values of community spirit
  • Responsible: being prepared to learn in attitude and behavior, exemplifying honor and good character, and seeking a healthy, balanced life in body, mind, and spirit
  • Engaged: actively making connections among the disciplines; being open and responsive to new ideas and perspectives; seeking relevance both personally and universally; effectively communicating, developing, implementing, and communicating new ideas to others
  • Self-motivated: raising questions, seeking evidence, and pursuing knowledge for the love of learning while working both independently and cooperatively
  • Flexible: using a variety of sources, approaches and experiences; understanding and respecting multiple perspectives; and taking meaningful risks both intellectually and emotionally
  • Confident: identifying their own strengths, believing in their own abilities, demonstrating knowledge, leadership, and service in a variety of forms, while applying appropriate skills and knowledge in an ever-changing world.

These qualities will enable our students to become:

  • Creative Problem Solvers: making reasoned judgments, using creative and critical thinking skills, designing and implementing multiple strategies to solve various problems.
  • Effective Communicators and Collaborators: developing, implementing, and communicating ideas in a variety of media, able to work with others, being open and responsive to new ideas.
  • Morally Courageous Members of a Community: exemplifying the qualities above, having a well-formed conscience, and demonstrating awareness of interdependence and a sense of responsibility towards the environment and humanity.

St. Margaret's actively seeks and admits qualified students of any race, color, religious affiliation, national or ethnic origin.