Wheat Learning Center

Emphasizing St. Margaret’s commitment to the growth of students in every area of their lives and inspiring them to make the best of themselves, the Wiley H. Wheat Center for Innovative Learning fosters a learning culture that promotes curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance. There are seven main areas of focus within the Wheat Learning Center: Academic Counseling and Coaching, Community Outreach, Enrichment Programs, Online Education, Study Skills, Testing, and Writing and Math Labs.

As an independent school, St. Margaret's provides a challenging curriculum and ample support across a range of learning differences. The academic resource center focuses on the needs of individual students at all levels. For students with a unique learning style, learning specialists help girls develop strategies and build skills for academic success. For students who are beginning their college search, the Wheat Learning Center offers SAT, ACT, and TOEFL preparation courses as well as individualized guidance. Tutoring and online education are other valuable services made available through the Wheat Learning Center.

Helping girls prepare to succeed beyond high school and college, the Wheat Center also coordinates THRIVE, our postgraduate year, where girls can bolster their college preparation and design a program that is right for their needs and goals.

The Wheat Center builds confidence, competence, and character in students. We teach them to become passionate learners who are prepared to succeed in life. Our focus includes the following:

Wheat Learning Center


One-on-one instruction; 50-minute sessions; subject areas include math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and study skills.  

TOEFL Test Prep

16 one-hour group sessions OR individual training sessions. Contact us to learn more.

Wheat Center for Innovative Learning