THRIVE Postgraduate Program

THRIVE beyond high school in our postgraduate program at St. Margaret’s School, during a PG year for girls who want to excel in college and life.

THRIVE in a unique postgraduate program where you can strengthen important areas of your life—from building your academic and leadership skills, and earning college credits to traveling on an independent study project or internship—all during a fun-filled PG year after high school designed just for you.

THRIVE in a postgraduate program where you focus on creative arts, attend honors, AP, and dual enrollment college courses, conduct research, or independent study. Gain real-world knowledge through internship opportunities with successful women business leaders.

THRIVE in a postgraduate program where you are part of St. Margaret’s diverse, inclusive community. Where we believe in the power of all girls, and you will be safe to be yourself and encouraged to explore, try new things, and power up your dreams.

St. Margaret's postgraduate program is where girls just out of high school THRIVE because you can design a PG year that helps you reach your full potential in the following areas:

  • Academics
  • Experiential
  • Leadership
  • Travel
  • Well-being and College Planning

Find out how to THRIVE in a postgraduate program and make great things happen at St. Margaret’s by contacting our Office of Admission or call 804.443.3357 x3020.

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