College Planning

The Office of College Counseling helps navigate students and their families through the process of choosing a college that will offer the right fit for their interests and abilities. Because we know each student and her personal preferences, we can effectively seek colleges where they will continue to grow and find success. At St. Margaret's this in-depth process officially begins during students' sophomore year then becomes more focused during the junior year with opportunities such as Next Steps. Individual meetings with the Director of College Counseling continue to take place into a student's senior year as do a wide variety of additional resources, such as Family Connection, an online personalized college planning tool, and interactive visits from college admission representatives and young alumnae.

It is important that you, as students and parents begin thinking and talking about college in general terms early. Instead of considering specific schools, discuss what is working in your classes now and the type of academic environment that has already excited and challenged you, and thus, provided successful learning experiences. Then, look beyond the classroom: athletic involvement, clubs, research opportunities, and the potential for travel and internships are all examples of opportunities waiting for you at college.

For more details about how our academic resources will prepare your daughter for the future please visit the St. Margaret's Academic Profile.

college planning

Patrick James Colonna
Director of College Counseling
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