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St. Margaret's meets the needs of each student by offering a college prep curriculum that allows for flexibility based on a girl's maturity, ability, and interests. Placement tests determine which courses a student takes in the areas of English, history, math, science, and modern and classical languages during her first year. In addition to on-campus learning, the school enhances its curriculum by offering courses through One Schoolhouse. Those courses can include AP Statistics, AP Human Geography, AP Government, AP Psychology, AP Art History, etc.

Students may opt to also earn college credit. Each year, the Academic Dean meets with students individually to monitor their progress, select their academic courses, and ensure that graduation requirements are met. Outstanding students are presented with opportunities, such as Advanced Placement/Honors courses in all disciplines, online courses and dual enrollment in community college. Students have the opportunity to conduct an independent study.

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  • Science Curriculum

    3 1/2 credits
    (Biology, Chemistry, and Women’s Health are required)

    - River Study I and Physical Science (Grade 8)
    - River Studies II and Environmental Science
    - Chemistry or Chemistry in the Community
    - Biology
    - Anatomy (one semester)
    - Topics in Engineering (one semester)
    - Principles of Engineering (one semester)
    - Advanced Topics in Engineering (one semester)
    - AP Environmental or AP Biology (rotate and offer if needed)
    - Women’s Health
  • History/Religion Curriculum

    3 ½ credits
    (must take US History and Government and one World History and ½ credit of religion)

    -American Studies (grade 8)
    -Ancient and Medieval
    -Modern European or AP Modern European (offered alternate years)
    -US History and Government or AP US History(offered alternate years)
    -Survey of the Bible- semester
    *Electives by semester from dual English/History Humanities
  • English Curriculum

    4 credits
    (Must complete American Literature at some level)

    -English 8
    -Intro to Literature and Composition
    -World Literature
    -Argumentative Writing (will have readings from American Literature)
    -American Literature
    -Humanities (semester by themes) can also be used as a history credit/elective
    -AP Literature or AP Language in alternate years
  • Mathematics Curriculum

    3 Credits
    (a Math or dual discipline Science must be taken the senior year; Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry are required)

    -Pre Algebra
    -Algebra I
    -Algebra II
    -Statistics and Probability
    -Pre Calculus
    -AP Calculus AB
    -AP Calculus BC
    -Engineering elective classes from the Science department
  • Fine Arts Curriculum

    1 Credit
    -Ensemble* (by selection)
    -Treble Choir
    -Music foundations
    -Drama foundations
    -Art foundations
    -2D Experiences
    -3D experiences
    -Digital Media Experience
    -Advanced Visual Studies I and II*

    *Indicates yearlong class; all others are semester
  • Modern & Classical Languages Curriculum

    3 Credits
    (two years of two languages or three of one language)

    -Latin I-V
    -Spanish I-III
    -Advanced level Spanish to be taken at One Schoolhouse
  • English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Curriculum

    -ESOL - Reading, Writing and Literature I and II
    -ESOL - Speaking and Listening I and II
    -ESOL - Transitional English (taken in conjunction with Intro to Literature and Composition)
  • Other Graduation Requirements

    -Sports/Physical Activity are required each season / 3 seasons must be a team sport.
    -Senior Speech

    Other enhancements:
    St. Margaret exchanges
    Internships/department independent studies in specific departments for credit
    (Department Independent Studies for credit - must have the approval of the Department Head and Academic Dean)
    National Honor Society

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