Online School for Girls

At St. Margaret's, students may consider taking a course through One Schoolhouse's Online School for Girls (OSG) with approval from the Academic Dean. Courses are designed to be a challenging addition to a student's face-to-face school program. Students should expect to spend 7-9 hours a week total learning course content, connecting with their classmates and their teachers, and collaborating on group work. To enroll in a class with the Online School for Girls, a student must receive approval from the Academic Dean in conjunction with the academic departments. There is an application, additional fee, and, in some cases, an AP test requirement for these courses. Proctored time to complete online coursework is provided in scheduling. Examples of popular OSG courses include AP Art History, AP Computer Science, Forensics, AP Human Science, Introduction to Engineering, and AP Statistics. To learn more about the Online School for Girls or to see a complete course catalog, click here.