Minimester Courses

Plans are already in the works for two exciting Minimester trips in 2020.

Service Project in Kenya

STEM Program in Orlando

2019 Minimester courses included:

A3+Art, Architecture, and Animation immersed students in creative freedom and personal artistic development as they explored visual storytelling and diverse techniques such as encaustic painting, illustration, and animation. See photos from A3+Art, Architecture, and Animation>

Back to the Future: Depictions of the Future in Film provided opportunities for students to explore how movies portray our future.

Be All You Can Become helped students gain an appreciation for an active lifestyle, sports, and athleticism. See photos from Be All You Can Become>

Behind-the-Wheel Driver’s Education helped students prepare to become responsible, skilled drivers, offering classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training, a car maintenance workshop, a car and driver safety workshop, a field trip, and movies about cars.

CSI Forensic Science provided opportunities for students to learn the fundamentals of investigating crime scenes and using forensic science principles. See photos from CSI Forensic Science>

Junky to Funky gave students a hands-on experience in repurposing objects, taking something old, perhaps something they found in a thrift store or in the attic, and giving it a new life and purpose by making it funky and cool. See photos from Junky to Funky>

Next Steps is the feature opportunity of the college advising program at SMS where students experience colleges and the application process up close and personal.

On the Road Again took students on an RV adventure where they explored National Parks and so much more in the "Grand Canyon State." And, a stop in Las Vegas made the end of the trip a blast! See photos from On the Road Again>