Wheat Center for Innovative Learning

Academic support is available to every student in the form of extra-help sessions, day and evening study hall, weekend study hall, and St. Margaret's advisor program. Through our study skills program, girls learn how they learn and take responsibility for their academic progress by capitalizing on their strengths. In addition, the following resources can be made available through the Wheat Learning Center: tutoring, test preparation, academic coaching, online education, and more.

The Wheat Center fosters a learning culture on St. Margaret’s campus that engages each individual student. Learning specialists work with students to develop strategies and study skills for success in the classroom. The more advanced students with tremendous academic potential are encouraged to seek enrichment opportunities like independent studies, service projects, and internships. Tutoring, test preparation, and online education are other valuable services available through the Wheat Center. The Center is located within the Woolfolk Library where students utilize flexible workspaces, Wi-Fi, and connectivity technology that fosters individual and group learning.

  • Phyllis Hollimon has spent the last 26 years teaching and counseling students in Virginia’s public and independent schools including most recently at Chatham Hall. She has vast experience in fostering students’ academic potential while addressing their behavioral and mental health challenges. She holds a degree from the University of Richmond and a master’s degree from James Madison University. She is an American School Counselor Association certified DEI Specialist and a Licensed IIRP Restorative Practices Trainer.

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    Phyllis Hollimon 

    Wheat Learning Center, Director
Learning how to learn determines much of one's personal fulfillment across a lifetime.  As much as we extol college preparation, in this post-COVID age, our Wheat Center for Innovative Learning cultivates a love of learning.  Our S.T.R.E.A.M. outlook for collaborative and project-based approaches is anchored with proven educational practices.  We are dedicated to our students' pursuit of academic scholarship. For 100 years, St. Margaret's alumnae have moved from their riverfront campus to enjoy doing what they choose to do in their lives.  As we are reminded, "you can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
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