International Program

St. Margaret’s offers one of the most established international programs among American boarding schools. Our diverse community represents as many as 14 different countries, including the United States. Girls from around the world come to St. Margaret's to strengthen their English skills, take challenging academic courses, and immerse themselves in American culture. They are active in every area of school life, from participating in sports, performing arts, and leading Chapel, to serving on the Honor Council. They enjoy shopping trips, nearby festivals, amusement parks, and museums. Our safe campus, on the banks of the Rappahannock River is full of history and beautiful natural resources, and our proximity to Washington, D.C. and many sites in Virginia make international student life here an enriching experience.

2018 International Festival

This year's festival hosted by our international students was high spirited, colorful, and rich in culture. Dance, music, fashion, art, games, languages, food, traditions, and more, made a fun learning experience for our whole community.


New international students arrive to campus early to allow for extra time to adjust to St. Margaret's culture. During this time, students take placement tests to determine their courses. Additionally, Culture Shock Workshops occur throughout the year, led by international student ambassadors.

International Co-Curricula

The entire school community celebrates our diversity through co-curricular sessions. Together, we learn about the history, cuisine, spiritual beliefs, and culture from our international students' home countries. Our international students also host a festival in the spring when the entire community is invited to campus to learn about our students and where they come from.

School Breaks

Residence halls are closed for the following school breaks: Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas Vacation, and Spring Break. Our homestay partnership with eNKouraged Homestays, allows students to spend holiday breaks, relaxing and having fun with adult supervision and a flexible schedule. More information on vacation dates and transportation.

One-Year Students

St. Margaret's is a great educational option for students who want to enroll for one or more years in any grade level. We also welcome mid-year students. And offer a postgraduate program where girls can THRIVE after high school.

I've never had so much fun and met so many amazing people. Living in another country was a unique experience, and I would repeat it again and again. Last year was the best year of my life!- Ana, one-year international student at St. Margaret's


Students take a placement test to determine which ESL level is appropriate, if any. Our program serves ESL students by offering intensive courses covering writing, grammar, reading, conversation skills, history, and science. Advanced students enroll in Advanced ESL to support their other mainstream classes. See all ESL course offerings. St. Margaret's also offers test preparation course as well as individual training sessions with an experienced TOEFL instructor.

Admission on the Road

The Office of Admission travels internationally and would love to meet you along the way. Please contact them at to find out if they will be near you soon.