These three words mean a lot to girls at St. Margaret’s School. They are at the core of the St. Margaret’s experience, how we live, learn, grow, and thrive together.

We believe in the power of all girls and provide a boarding and day school environment where they can become their best. We teach girls to succeed in the classroom and in life, and tailor our curriculum to how girls learn best. They explore areas of interest through our Minimester session, take classes online, and earn college credits through dual enrollment courses.

Our River Program teaches girls about science in everyday life, emphasizing an appreciation for our natural environment, and providing opportunities for exploration and service learning. Athletics is where girls learn what teamwork is all about and have a lot of fun. And, our Visual and Performing Arts programs engage girls in creative learning and expression.

Get to know us better and discover what a girl can become at St. Margaret’s School.

St. Margaret's School provides a learning environment where girls know they belong, are challenged and supported to believe in themselves, and are prepared to become their best. Our beautiful riverfront campus in Virginia is home to a welcoming, inclusive community where students and their families make strong, lasting connections and close friendships. We believe you belong here, too!