Meet the Sara Morriss Society Members

When many look at a list of planned giving donors, they wonder: Who are these people? What inspires them to make a gift like this? What is their connection to St. Margaret’s? All these questions are valid, and many of the answers are surprising.

The Sara Morriss Society boasts members from, it seems, every walk of St. Margaret’s life. There are alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents of alumnae, past faculty and staff, friends, members of the Board of Governors and Foundation Board, and current faculty and staff. They range in age from individuals who graduated in the last 10 years to individuals who graduated in the first 10 years of St. Margaret’s existence. They are spread far and wide, in every corner of the country. They may be closely involved with St. Margaret’s today, or maybe they have not returned to campus since the day they graduated.

The gifts themselves are as unique as the individual donors. Each planned gift suits the needs of the donor, their family, and their estate plans. The structure of the gift allows each individual to make the most of the assets they have and give a meaningful gift to St. Margaret’s through their estate. Some of the commitments that current Sara Morriss Society members have made include bequests and trusts, life insurance policies, Individual Retirement Accounts, and designation of St. Margaret’s as a beneficiary of bank accounts and insurance policies after their death. Click here to learn more about each of these options.

Every Sara Morriss Society member shares something that cannot be quantified by a number, captured in a photo, or defined by a profession or a hometown: They love St. Margaret’s. They are invested in her success, and they want St. Margaret’s to be stronger tomorrow than she is today. The planned gifts received from members of the Sara Morriss Society have had an enormous impact on the landscape of St. Margaret’s, literally and figuratively. They have funded an art gallery, endowed numerous scholarships, built our endowment, helped to purchase the land for and build the Athletic Complex, and much more.

So who are the Sara Morriss Society members? They are you and me, the people who think of St. Margaret’s as part of their family, and want this beautiful school on the banks of the Rappahannock to be available for generations to come.


Virginia Pugh Bradley '59 *
Margaret Robinson Broad
Ellen F. Brooks '62 *
Barbara Blair Bulkeley '41
Carr Family Unitrust
Cynthia M. Colonna '42 *
George S. Coyle*
Margaret Anderton Dortch '37 *
Mrs. Charlotte Haile Frischkorn '58
Aylett P. Gilman '36 *
Jacqueline Segar Gravatt '67
Isbell Turnbull Gravatt *
Elizabeth S. Gray *
Dr. & Mrs. W. D. Haden Jr. *
Virginia Wickham Hayes '56
Hilton J. Herrmann *
Coleman & Emily Hunt *

Ann Rivers Payne Hutcheson '55

Elizabeth Gawen Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pettus LeCompte '71
Mary A.S. Lighthipe *
Ms. Elizabeth Terry Long '70
Frances D. Maigne '33 *
Mrs. Gilbert C. McKown
Mr. * and Mrs. J.F. Moring
Sara Winston Taylor Morriss '37 *
Susan Robinson Mote '60
Denice L. Moultrie '76
Julia Lewis Nofsinger '46
Karen O'Dell '72
Harriett Clausen Tavenner Owens '40
Sarah Belle Eason Parrott '68
Ann C. Peck '75
Martha F. Rasin '65
Mrs. John E. Ray 3rd *
Margaret Shepherd Ray '61
Katherine Gwaltney Remick '57

Keith C. Richardson '66
June E. Russell '49 *
Penelope deBordenave Saffer '56
Jane R. Schwenck '47 *
Anna Deane Scott '55
Jane Whitt Sellers '71
Suzanne H. Semsch
Fay F. Spence '79
George * & Monecia Helton Taylor '77
Kate Rucker Penn Taylor
Joan P. Thomas *
Alberta Utz '65 *
Miss Patricia Anne Webb '03
Anne W. Weissinger
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. White
Elizabeth Patterson Williams *
Anne Badger Smith Winborne '48 *
Margaret Mahone Witten '42
Viola H. Woolfolk *
Cornelia Stout Ziemer '42 *

*denotes deceased member