Afternoon Activities

The President's Council on physical fitness and sports recommends that teenage girls get at least 60 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week. Our goal for afternoon activities at St. Margaret’s is for girls to enjoy being active and support them in reaching their goals. Because regular physical activity is important for promoting lifelong health and well-being, students in grades 8-11 have a commitment to participate in an after-school activity or sport all three trimesters. Seniors have this commitment to participate in an after-school activity or sport two of the three trimesters.

Afternoon Activites for Fall 2019

Beachbody: Have fun working out with your friends to one of Beachbody’s renowned workout programs, including T25, Piyo, Hip Hop Abs, Yoga Studio, 80 Day Obsession, and more.

Club Golf: Get fresh air, hit the driving range, or try to get 9 holes in before dinner. Our golf activity is sure to please the students who love the game or are looking forward to learning.

Handbells: Handbell ringing is a great way to learn to read music, develop a strong sense of rhythm, and work together as a team. St. Margaret's has a 3 octave set of bells and girls have an opportunity to learn how to play them during first and third trimester. Students learn a variety of music along with the different techniques of how to play the handbells.

Outdoor Adventures:  Part of our River Program, Outdoor Adventures helps girls develop an appreciation for the outdoors, gain self-confidence, and learn through service to others. Open to students during first and third trimester, girls can expect to be outdoors and in, on or near the Rappahannock River every day, rain or shine. Activities include kayaking, learning map and compass skills, hiking in wildlife refuges, water quality monitoring, helping remove invasive plant species, tracking wildlife with game cameras, and bird identification.

3 Mile Club: If you love being outside while getting exercise and want to have fun, this activity is for you. Each afternoon you will walk, jog, or run at least 3 miles, plus have fun, get motivated to push past your goals, and set new ones.

Strength and Conditioning: Already doing a weight training program? Not sure what a deadlift, bench press, or squat is? This activity is for all who want to get in the weight room and workout with a certified trainer. Students participate in cardiovascular activities, weight training, and keep personal records of their progress.