Visual Arts

The members of the Fine Arts Team serve as dedicated mentors who are committed to strengthening the original artistic visions of our students. These visions are on display each trimester through our art shows in the Ellen Brooks '62 Art Gallery in the Mezzanine of the Margaret Robinson Broad Dining Hall as well as all throughout campus in more permanent collections as each art class is assigned a dedicated exhibit space.

Students in Art History uncovered the past with “Ancient Egyptian Portraits” on the walls of Latané Hall. Colorful storytelling pieces to the “Fisherman’s Tale” collection hang proudly in the lower level corridor of the Community Technology Center while other river-themed paintings and multimedia pieces can be found elsewhere in Latané and St. Margaret's Hall. Student-artists in Digital Photography, Ceramics, Watercolors, Fashion Design, and Black and White Graphic Design have also contributed impressive works, all adorning the hallways of buildings across campus.

The feature piece, “Spiritual Heart,” debuted in May. It consists of one hundred thirty-six, 5”x5” cardboard blocks, each with its own artist and concept. The idea, the media, and the theme were entirely up to the participant’s imagination. The piece recognizes the individuality of each student-artist while also applauding the community’s collaboration. This colorful masterpiece, forming the shape of a heart, has become the symbol of St. Margaret’s collective synergy and of the large spectrum of beliefs as a multicultural community. SMS is a community in which everyone’s spirituality is accepted and respected; therefore, it is fitting that the “Spiritual Heart” can be found at the entrance to Chapel – a shared place of worship and now powerful display of community art.