Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts team mentors and inspires students to strengthen their artistry and instructs them in building their skills and techniques to realize their creative visions. A permanent collection of student art fills prominent spaces on campus, and our annual student art show debuts each spring in the Ellen Brooks '62 Art Gallery on the Mezzanine of the Margaret Robinson Broad Dining Hall. Students also display works at a nearby gallery sponsored by the area artists' guild, and contribute work through their community service projects to help enrich our local community.

Drawing, painting, mixed media, digital photography, ceramics, watercolors, art history, and much more contribute to an inspiring student experience at St. Margaret's. Young artists spark a passion for the creative process and become confident and capable of developing their talents further in college and life.

Spiritual Circles Surround Us

Our community was blessed with the completion of a student art project that is a symbol of collective energy. “Spiritual Circles,” a series of 24 vibrant mixed media paintings created by SMS artists decorate the school chapel. They serve as inspiration and a powerful symbol of our spiritual inner world and our external SMS community where we are all connected, individuality is encouraged, and each person is a valued work of art.

Class of 2020 Senior Portraits

Among our most cherished traditions is the creation of a portrait of each graduating Senior. They are created by a team of student-artists who collaborate to capture the spirit, beauty, personality, and character of each girl.