Co-Curriculum & Residential Life

Living in a boarding school community provides a unique opportunity for our students and a great deal of learning happens outside the classroom. With this in mind, we have crafted a Co-Curriculum Program that challenges our students to become confident, responsible, and self-aware individuals. By meeting students where they are socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and intellectually, the components of the program work collectively to establish connections between individuals and promote a sense of community.

#YOLO Co-Curriculum Program

Our co-curriculum program, #YOLO is a series of events where students focus on topics to increase knowledge, reflect on how the topic affects them in everyday life, and consider positive changes that contribute to a healthy life balance.

#YOLO sessions are scheduled each trimester. The half-day sessions include a keynote speaker and break-out groups, providing students time to fully engage in the topic and ask questions. It also allows students to have time for self-reflection and focus on how the topic applies directly to their lives.

In the fall session on social media, we discussed positive ways to engage online, learned about internet safety, face-to-face and written communication, and how to establish healthy relationships through social media. Our winter session encouraged us to explore and discuss wellness, including body image, self-worth, disordered eating, and other issues.

We look forward to the #YOLO spring session where we will discuss healthy living and physical activity.

Residential Life Meetings & Activities

Residential Life is geared to our boarding students, offering a structured and nurturing environment for students to grow. Boarding students live in three residence halls and each residence mirrors the greater school population by combining a mix of both domestic and international students, new and returning students, and students of different grade levels. The boarding community gathers every Monday night to inform, promote awareness, and promote a strong community. During this time, students participate in forums, presentations, games, and activities.

residential face masks

Looking good, girls! Spa night with facials and yummy treats is a favorite activity in residential life.