White dresses and red roses, creative Blue/Grey competitions, a formal ball on the River Lawn, signing the Honor Book, the sound of bagpipes as the procession is led to St. John’s Episcopal Church on St. Margaret’s Day, a school ring received by lantern-light. At St. Margaret’s, our traditions are reflective of the unique history and culture of our school and bring us together as a supportive community.

Family Weekends

Students, parents, and faculty enjoy a wide range of activities together over special event weekends on campus: Opening of School, Fall Family Weekend, Spring Family Weekend, and Commencement.

Class Activities

Class-sponsored events like Sophomore Halloween and the Senior Christmas Bazaar are fun opportunities for each class to contribute to our campus experience and build school spirit.

Episcopal Traditions

Our Episcopal traditions honor our identity as a church school and include regular services, like chapel and compline, as well as special celebrations, such as Baccalaureate.

Spirited Traditions

Reflecting our school colors, our community is comprised of two teams, Blue and Grey. Among our favorite traditions is the Blue/Grey drawing at the beginning of each year where new students and staff learn which team they are on. It's a high energy event that builds team spirit and brings us together for a day of fun on the river.